Saxlingham Nethergate Medieval Norfolk stained glass

The church of St Mary the Virgin contains a superb collection of medieval stained glass including the earliest known in a Norfolk Church. Not only is most of the glass not in situ but there is supposition that in 1688, when the neighbouring church of Saxlingham Thorpe was closed, that the parishioners brought with them their thirteenth century glass (now in two of the south chancel windows). At one time much of the glass was displayed in the East window of the chancel however, between 1957 and 59 Dennis King of George King & Son carried out a cleaning and restoration programme. At this time the decision was made not to restore the glass to its original position but to arrange it so it could be seen to its best advantage. Thus today, 14th century glass can be found in the east window of the north aisle, despite the aisle not being built until 1867.

Medieval stained glass inserts from North Chancel Window Saxlingham
North chancel window
plan of church
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