All Saints Church East Barsham Stained Glass

One can still see 13th century remnants in this medieval church including “the porch,” which is all that remains of the ancient tower and a blocked up south doorway in the nave. Most windows are of Pependicular design. Although very little stained glass remains, two gorgeous angels in a north nave window clearly illustrate the skills of the 15th century Norwich school of glass painting.

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church exterior

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plan of church

In the north aisle window tracery lights we see figures dating from the 15th century. The two females standing facing each other are St Elizabeth (wearing veil) and the Virgin Mary in a Vistiation scene. The figures are flanked by two beautiful feathered angels, one playing a shawm (a popular medieval woodwind instrument) and the other a harp. The outer eyelets retain parts of their original decoration whilst the heads of the main lights have pinnacled canopy tops.

east window

The East Window contains 19th century quarry panes painted with fleur de lys.