Stained Glass of St Andrew Church, Hingham, Norfolk

Exterior view of St Andrew Church Hingham NorfolkThis large, “grand” church was built by Remigius of Hethersett, who was Rector from 1319 to 1359.  It was virtually all built over one period around the 1350s. Although predominately Decorated in style it does contains elements relating to the Perpendicual period leading to the supposition that it was built after the Black Death of 1349.

Although the windows are filled with stained glass the majority of it is unremarkable dating from the  Victorian era . The East Window is, however, a notable exception and is described by David King as containing “the most impressive display of imported foreign glass in a county rich in this field.” The glass here is mainly German early 16th century work, probably imported into the county by John Christopher Hampp. It was inserted into a specially made stonework frame in 1825 when it would have been supplemented by  nineteenth century glass which was used to fill the “gaps”.

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