Felbrigg Hall Norfolk Stained Glass

This beautiful 17th century house is particularly noted for its Jacobean architecture and fine Georgian interior, nevertheless, as would be expected different generations have made their mark on the property. Although the house “escaped” a full Victorian makeover, in the 1840s William Howe Windham renovated the Great Hall and in so doing introduced a beautiful collection of stained glass which was installed by John Dixon.

Dixon was employed at St Peter Mancroft (Norwich) and here he has reproduced some of the medieval panels found in the church’s stunning East window. Additionally two of the original East window panels are now located at Felbrigg. These would have been removed around 1837 when the Mancroft window was “improved” and central lights were replaced with a large figure of St Peter, made and presented by Dixon.

The Great Hall also contains a selection of foreign roundels, many of which would have been imported to the county by Christopher Hampp. These have been set in 19th century surrounds by Dixon. The result is a fascinating collection of glass displaying a huge range of characteristics. It is particularly interesting to compare Dixon’s work with the original 15th century panels that he tried so hard to imitate.