All Saints Church Burnham Thorpe Stained Glass

The church retains many reminders of its early origins, including: its mainly Decorated chancel, its early 15th century tower & a 13th century four bay arcade. The church’s 19th century refurbishments include the replacement of the south aisle.
Nelson was born in the rectory (his father was the rector here) and following his death the Admiralty gave the church its lectern which is made out of timbers from HMS Victory. The church also contains a large and impressive brass dated 1420 in the floor of the chancel commemorating Sir William Calthorpe.
The church contains only one stained glass window which was made by S C Yarrington.

church exterior
plan of church

The 19th century stained glass in the tracery lights was designed by S C Yarrington. St Peter sits at the top (easily recognisable by the keys he carries), below are depicted the four Evangelists. The greater part of Yarrington’s work was concerned with the installation of collections of foreign glass and little of his “new” glass remains. Here we see an example of his later work where typically he has adopted the old German Rennaissance style that he knew so well from his years of installing it.

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east window