St Andrew's Church, East Lexham Stained Glass

St Andrew’s round tower is almost entirely Saxon, the area below the parapet was built pre conquest indeed there is speculation that it was built around 900 A.D. which would make it the oldest surviving round tower in the country. Although the interior was renovated in the 19th century medieval artefacts remain including the Perpendicular piscina and the 15th century font. Only the Perpendicular east window contains stained glass, which was inserted during the Victorian renovation.

East Lexham church exterior
plan of church

This beautiful Perpendicular window is now filled with mid 19th century stained glass. Believed to have been made by Clayton & Bell c1859, the designers have adopted the style of the 15th century Norwich school. The upper tier of main lights depict scenes relating to Christ’s crucifixion namely : “ Carrying the Cross,” “The Crucifixion,” and “The Deposition” whilst the lower tier shows events related to His birth i.e. “The Annunciation,” “The Nativity,” and “The Presentation in the Temple”

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east window