Gayton, St Nicholas church

North Aisle East windowr

One quatrefoil with coloured Trinity emblem from around 1860.

plan of church

This church is mostly early 14th century. There is a lot of reused stone in the building and the mark of an earlier lower roof inside the tower. This suggests there may have been an earlier church on the same site. The present building has a 15th century chancel. A watching brief maintained during minor groundworks in 2011 recovered a number of disarticulated human bones beneath the foundations of the west wall, potentially indicating that burials took place in this area prior to the construction of the north aisle.

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Window by George Hedgeland from the mid 19th century. Three panels depicting "Blessed are they that have not seen and yet have believed".All on Quenelle background with crown design borders. The tracery contains two censing women on unusual pink background.