St Mary's Church Carlton Forehoe Stained Glass

The exterior of this pretty rural church is mainly Perpendicular in design, with the noteable exception of its tower. The latter was completely rebuilt c1713 in flint and red brick with stone on the west face and bears the patriotic cry 'Vivat A [nne] Regina'. The interior is a single, vast, white space - simple but lovely. Only the east window, installed c 1876, contains stained glass.

church exterior
plan of church

The east window, installed c1876, is dedicated to the memory of Revd. Philip George Bartlett and his wife Margaret. The main lights depict Jesus as both the Good Shepherd and the Saviour of the World. On the left an angel holds a shield bearing the image of the Agnus Dei (lamb of God) whilst on the right the angel's shield depicts the 'pelican in piety', symbolising the passion of Jesus and the eucharist.

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east window