Stained glass of Cley St Margaret Church Norfolk

Simon Jenkins describes St Margaret’s church as “a sea church stranded inland.” The size and splendour of the church seems at odds with its beautiful village setting, but this is owed to its early wealth which was lost when the town was hit by the plague in 1349 (which killed much of the population) and the subsequent silting up of its port.

The rebuilding of the church had begun early in the 14th century by the de Roos family who commissioned a Decorated style. Today much of the interior is now Perpendicular although elements of the Decorated style remain particular the south transept which contains “Norfolk’s most beautiful and eccentric windows”. (Jenkins)

Other treasures in the church include: a seven sacrament font, a gallery of medieval carvings which adorn niches in the nave and imaginatively carved Tudor bench ends. Although not a major feature of the church it does contain fine examples of both medieval and Victorian glass.

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plan of church
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