St Peter Mancroft, Norwich - Norfolks's Finest Stained Glass

The beautiful church of St Peter Mancroft contains what is generally accepted as the finest stained glass in Norfolk.

The present building was erected in a single campaign between 1430 and 1455. The inside is impressive with its elegant perpendicular windows creating a delightful light interior. The windows contain stained glass dating from the 15th century through to the twentieth. The majority of the medieval glass has been relocated to the east window. As with so many of our churches it is a miracle any has survived. In the case of St Peter Mancroft it has not only seen its way through the normal maelstroms of the Reformation, Cromwell’s edicts and the Victorian re-ordering but also an explosion in 1648 which blew out much of the glass. Despite this the East window is glorious and contains glass of “both national and international significance”

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For further information on the 15th century glass refer to “The Medieval Stained Glass of St Peter Mancroft, Norwich by David King. (full details in the bibliography)