Stained Glass of St Julian's Church, Norwich

The church of St Julian has an international reputation, as it was here that Dame Julian of Norwich, author of “The Revelations of Divine Love,” lived in the 14th Century.

The present building dates almost entirely from 1953, when it was rebuilt after being bombed in 1942. At this time all of its stained glass was destroyed including the 19th century east window which was made by Joseph Grant of Costessey.  

The new 20th century windows were made by G King and Sons and add very much to the restful ambience of this delightful church. The window in the wall between what was Lady Julian’s cell and the chancel is where she would have looked through towards the sacrament hanging before the High Altar. The external window is a memorial to Father Paul Jevon Raybould, who was parish priest from 1925 to 1952.

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