Stained Glass of the Howard Room of Surrey House

Howard room

The Howard room is named after the Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey, from whom Surrey House and its location on Surrey Street take their names.

The room was originally the executive's dining room until it was refurnished in the early 1970's and changed its use to a rather spendid meeting room, which is its current use.

During this change some of the original wall paintings were covered and are no longer visible although we are assured that they are still there under the modern wall covering.

The stained glass features the coats of arms and crests of the Directors and some Officials when the Head Office was formally opened in 1905. It is certain that some of these crests are unauthorised, however, they form a wonderful memorial to this august group.

To view the stained glass and see whom each crest represents move your cursor over the highlighted boxes on the pictures above.